You won't hear this bugle πŸ“― sound this morning πŸ’ƒ.πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ until later in the evening around 4 pm. 

Sunday is a bright day in camp, from morning till 2 pm, you are free to wear anything (but some camps are scared of what ladies could wear, make u no go tempt our holy brothers πŸ˜‚ so na still white on white in some camps), go-to church ⛪ or mosque πŸ•Œ or remain in your hostels, but after 2 pm or 3 pm upwards, you are turning back to white fowl (white on white).

Another awesome thing to look out for is today's lunch which is Jollof rice and chicken yeah, I mean it, Jollof and chicken. Issa good day peeps, even if you don't like camp food,  today na todayπŸ˜„

It's possible to collect more than one meal, i.e more than one chicken.
Make I nack you the cheat, some of your platoon mates, and hostel mates or even your bunkie don't go to the kitchen, and some have prepared their mind to go to maami to eat as usual, they don't know that chicken and rice will be served today and if dey know sef dem fit no care, so, just collect their meal tickets. 
The more meal tickets the more chicken and Rice.
Collect meal with your own ticket first, go to your hostel and drop it, pick another meal ticket and food flask, go again, repeat this till you exhaust the meal tickets with you, return the tickets to the owners, counter balance and wack your meal, keep some for dinner oooo🀣
Also keep water for toilet🚽 πŸ™Š

Don't forget you are not to be seen with more than 1 meal ticket at a time. 


Tanimowo Oluwadamilare Oloyemeta (DEESWIFT)

Tanimowo Oluwadamilare Oloyemeta is a LASU Graduate and also the CEO of SWIFT SCHOOL NEWS (SSN), an Educational Consultant and campus reporter. He loves sharing campus news, He also provide gudiance to aspirants aiming for admission in various Higher Institutions and he shares updates across various campuses.

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