Procedure For NYSC Orientation Camp Registration Detail


Procedure For NYSC Orientation Camp Registration Detail

The national youth service corps (NYSC) is a one year compulsory programme for all graduate of higher institution under the age of 30 from Nigeria. It is built on four cardinal points before the award of the discharge certificate. The first of the cardinal point is the NYSC orientation camp.
After registration for NYSC, applicants that meet mobilization requirements are given a green card. This is followed by a call up letter indicating the state orientation camp they are posted to.
The orientation camp is a place corps members (CM) learn discipline and know more about the state. All these take place within 21 days. They perform several activities. However, all these will not be possible without first registration at the camp.

Report To Camp
After getting all the necessary checklist items, you are good to go. It is good to arrive camp a day before if you can. There are some advantage to it. It reduces the stress of joining queue for almost anything you want to do. It also makes it easy for camp official to attend to you as there are few corp members to attend to. Camp officials are generally nice.

I consider them nice when I compare them to the hostile nature of Nigerian lecturers. However, do not play on that. Be polite to them at all times. They value greeting just like your lecturers do. Just that they may not show it.

If you come a day before the official opening day, you can only do one thing. That is to secure an accommodation. Every other activity can only be done the next day. Also, accommodation can be the last thing to be done. But for convenience, register for accommodation on time.

Arriving At Camp
At the gate, a security operative will check your luggage in case you want to bring in prohibited items. You will be ask if you have any. Saying no puts you under the law when you are later found wanting. Another security operative will check your call up letter and your state NYSC orientation camp. If you are not supposed to be in that particular camp or you are using an old call up letter, you will be sent back.
They may also check if you are with all your vital documents. Some people were sent home from here to get the complete items.
You can go register for accommodation or physical registration. I will advise you go for accommodation first. It will allow you drop your bag and luggages in the room before embarking on the physical registration.

Some orientation camp give all PCM a code at the gate. Take it along with your bag and luggages to the accommodation stand. Write down your name and call up number in a book after providing your code given to you at the gate. The same information is entered into a form.
The form is also filled by other prospective corp members (PCM). You will have to wait for the names to be up to a particular number. The number of bed space per room is what is needed for that list to be full. If a room have 30 bed space, the list will be attended to when the names on it are up to 30.
All those in the list will be taken to a room. Each person will choose a bed space known as bunk. If there is a misunderstanding as to the choice of bunk between corp members, the first person to write down their name on the list will be entitled to choose first.

Physical Registration
After securing an accommodation and a bed space, move over to the registration stand. At the gate, the security man will direct you on what to do. The process is long and complicating.
A camp official is assigned to attend to corp members from some particular schools. The security man at the gate will show you the stand for your school. For foreign trained graduate, they are directed to the stand where all their documents is verified with the documents they uploaded online.

Go straight and join the queue. At this place, they want to see all you valid documents you were ask to bring to camp. These are the NYSC original call up letter, NYSC green card duly signed by you, statement of result or certificate, final year school identity card, medical report or certificate, cover letter or license.

They need the original of all the documents. For non pharmacist, they are given a form called personal data form and they move onto the next phase. But for pharmacist, you need to go to another stand for your license or cover letter to be verified. If you are going with a license, chances are that the camp officials may be confuse because many have not seen a pharmacist license before. What they normally see is the cover letter.

 At this stand, your documents need to be arranged in a definite manner. The arrangement is as follows;
1. NYSC call up letter
2. NYSC green card duly signed by you
3. Statement of result or certificate
4. School identity card
5. Medical report or certificate
6. Cover letter or license
After verification of your cover letter or license here, they will then direct you to go back to your school stand to continue the process. At your school stand, they will signed on your call-up letter and give you a personal data form. Head over to online verification stand.

If you are pregnant or married, they will attend to you separately. Some of your details will help them to decide if they should start processing your redeployment to your state of schoice or your preferred local government within the state.
Here, you will provide your signed call up letter and statement of result. After they have imputed some details into the system, you will be asks to thumb print. That is biometric clearance.

However, if your biometric clearance fails, you will need to write and submit an application letter in the orientation camp before leaving. NYSC will drop it against next batch/stream for recapture.

You will be given back your statement of result and call up letter after the biometric clearance. The call up letter will be sign by them at another spot. Move over to the next stand. They will look at your call up letter, sign it and give you a state code, a personal data file, a perforated  rope, an undertaking form and bank account opening form.

You should write down your name, call up letter and state code on a book you will be given where other corps members also wrote theirs. The personal data file will contain your already written state code that Tally’s with your tag. You state code is your identification throughout your NYSC year. It contains the state short name, your year of service, your batch and your special number.

From the special number, you all will be divided into one of ten platoon during the 21 days orientation camp. The last digit is use to divided corps members into platoon. For example, the state code LA/19B/5262, LA/19B/8740 and DE/18C/6751 means that the first code is deployed in Lagos during 2019 batch B orientation programme and is to fall into platoon 2. The second one is same Lagos, same year and same batch like the first. Just that that person will fall into platoon 10 because 0 stands for 10. The last is deployed to Delta State during 2018 batch C and falls into platoon 1.

At this stage, you can go to register with you plantoon or go straight to the bank. It is advisable you go to the bank first because some of the data’s will be needed at your plantoon.
Note that in all of this, you are not to submit any of the above forms. They will give you back everything.

Bank Registration
NYSC require all corp members to open a new bank account. Bank customer service will come to orientation camp to open new account for all members. The number of banks that will come is determined by the camp officials. Corp members with certain state code range are assigned to one bank. This is usually in serial number like from 5000 to 6000 will use one bank. It does not matter if you already have an account with them.

To make the registration easy for you, please get your bank verification number (BVN) down. Without it you cannot open an account at the camp. The number can be gotten by dialing the USSD code *565# from the mobile phone link with your BVN. They may charge you 20 naira. If you dial this code on that day, it may not work due to congestion. Others corps members are dialing it all over the country.

So please, do this before going and write in out clearly somewhere. Better still, save it on your mobile phone as contact or text message. And make sure the name on your bank BVN is same name on your NYSC. If not you will start filling new forms after camp at the bank.

Fill in the bank form you were given at the registration ground. Attach your passport size photograph to the place meant for passport. No specification on background. I use one while others use two. Locate where you bank is and move over to to them.

Submit the form. Wait for them to verify your BVN and look out for where you are to fill that you may have ignore. Bank BVN is usually eleven digit. Don’t bother yourself filling every page. It is called a baby account or student account.
Write down your name and state code on their book. They will give you a small form. They will sign it and give it to you. Complete the form by filling in your name and state code.

Plantoon Registration
Locate your platoon inspector. They will most likely be under the camp tent. Look for a comfortable place to fill your details in the personal data form. Also, fill your details in the personal data file. Get them perforated in the following format;
1. NYSC call up letter
2. NYSC green card
3. Personal data form
4. Undertaking
5. A copy of Statement of result
6. Original of medical certificate
Write down your state code at the top of each of the documents should in case anyone gets missing, it can easily be tracked. Add numbers to the top too from one to six just as it appears here. That is write 1 at the top of the NYSC call up letter, 2 at the top of the green card, etc.

Staple the bank card at the open side of the front cover. Attach three passport size photograph at the top of the file at the open side of the front cover. Submit the file to the platoon inspector or assistant for verification of that arrangement and authorization.

If they approve your file, you will be given a meal ticket and directed to go to the platoon stand to get your NYSC complete kits. To collect your kit, you must write down your name, your state code and signature. The complete kit will be given to you. The kit include;
1. Two white short
2. Two white T shirt
3. A pair of crested white table tennis shoe
4. A pair of NYSC socks
5. A pair of white socks
6. A crested NYSC cap
7. A crested vest
8. A khaki shirt
9. NYSC belt
10. A khaki trouser
11. A pair of jungle boot

This is all you need to register for NYSC camp. If you see this post helpful, share your joy. However, if you have a contribution, please do well to say it.

 Thank you.


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